Tuesday, November 17, 2009

late november mix

A collection of songs and music i have been listening lately in the solitude of my room,mixed together for your listening pleasure.Memories of sleepy night bus rides to Streatham with "I",my apartment's radiators working while it's 19 degrees outside and November is coming to a n end,last minute thinking before going to sleep,''the north London book of dead'',listening to Perpetuum Mobile while stuck in traffic and thinking life is wonderful,''Imperfect List'',drunken fridays,the ''Sound Of the North'',my Lacoste windbreaker,autumn leaves,Sad Rob's Tokyo To Kissa mix,watching "Fallen Angels'',missing you.All of the these and more are somewhere in here.Listen and make your list.


plaidmusic said...

1.Stephen Brown-Last Rendezvous
3.Winston Tong-No Regrets
4.Yukihiro Takahashi-Drip Dry Eyes
5.Ryuichi Sakamoto feat Thomas Dolby-Field Work
6.If-Saturday's Angels
7.Mundo Musique-Andromeda
8.The Durutti Column-Take Some Time Out
9.Lotus Eates-You Don't Need Someone New
11.Lilac Time-Dreaming
12.Mr Monday-Daybreak
13.Talk Talk-I Believe in you
14.Massive Attack-Protection-Quiet Village dub
15.Monsoon-Wings Of The Dawn
16.Harold Budd/Brian Eno-Late October
17.Penguin Cafe Orchestra-Wildlife
18.David Sylvian-Coyote
19.Robin Guthrie-The Day Star
20.Leftfield-Song Of Life-Lemon Interrupt Mix
21.One Dove-Why don't you take me
22.Spiritualized-Feel So Sad

Arthit said...

I hear: horizon being modified; someone trying to steal a kiss; melting chocolate bars; windchill; love being built; love being begged-for; time going so slow; jellyfish floating by; all six senses coming together as one.