Thursday, January 8, 2009

spinach power

Even if there is not the slightest hint of disco in this recording,the man responsible for it is one of the few people who's name is so much affiliated with the term disco.Long before Giorgio Moroder became the man that put the word disco in everybody's vocabulary he produced several LP's and singles of psych pop under the name Giorgio.This fuzzy guitar piece of hipster pop comes from 1971 and features German pop star Michael Holm on vocals.Using the name Spinach Moroder and Holms produced 3 singles of which Action Man is probably the best effort.It's hard to imagine that the moustached Italian that mastered the use of electronics inmusic production is responsible for this hippy influenced tune that could be the soundtrack to any aspiring hashish party.

Spinach - Action man part 1


slblgdn said...

Another great track with a great history on the track in question. Great find.

Thanks Again for the track help on my blog!



Atavistic Empire said...

very cool. never knew the G-man was the Action Man! thanks.