Friday, January 16, 2009

date with the rain

This week has been such a busy one that i didn't even got in the trouble of posting the poster of our party.It's never too late so this is a last moment call to all of you who didn't get informed on time.This Friday we are bringing with us some of the records we love at Yoga Bala and hope to get those feet start moving once again.Our last party with Todd Terje was a blast and i hope we'll bring along more people to DJ at our parties within the next months to come.Without being Athens' media darlings we are trying really hard to establish a reputation as a different approach to what party music stands for.So tonight don't miss your date with the rain and your chance to dance to a tune like this one.Classic Eddie Kendricks in extended action.

Eddie Kendricks - Date with rain -disco version


Future Man said...

Great musics, my friend! Thanks for the unique posts and shares!

Kid Who said...

big tune! easy man we spoke on slsk the other day, thought you may like to check my new blog at

only me first few posts but got plenty ready for the future!