Friday, January 23, 2009


Some things or people can really make a difference in our lives and give a whole new meaning to what could be described as the definitive line between being and non being.I always thought that what is left from all this thing called life,all the time in between popping out from the warmth of your mothers womb to this rather mad world and the moment you end up cold and lifeless in a kitsch looking coffin,are some rare moments of happiness.Hiding up in your lovers arms on a stormy night,a painting by Claude Monet,the first time you wanked off,a poem by Pablo Neruda,your skin on someone else's skin,chocolate cakes and many other things that vary for each human in particular but can turn life into a song worth singing.Lately i added to my list this piece of music that I'm posting today.Music as a form of art or a form of sheer fun is one of these things that can lift humans to the upper scale of existence and causing them to be almost divine than being a walking pile of shit.This piece of music by Japanese avant garde jazz musician Seigen Ono is a rare case of beauty.I wont say much more about it.Turn off all surrounding appliances that cause noise and just listen to this.It will be as good as any of the things i mentioned before.It can bring a smile on your face or tears in your eyes but the result will be the same either way.If you fall asleep before it ends then you are reading the wrong blog or you should check your pulse.Thanks for reading all this.I know you usually just here for the music.

Seigen Ono - Julia