Monday, December 21, 2009

roast chestnuts

This is a new mix i made for my favourite site NONCOLLECTIVE that's quite suitable for a night by the fireplace with good friends,some laphroig,and some chestnuts roasting in the fire.


Bone-us beats said...

Music of the laphroaig gods - love the other mixes - spent the afternoon purring with delight and championning the birth of Christos

Arthit said...

Loved them muchly! Tracks from Loukas Sideras, Magnet and Francis Lai are gorgeous. But Sigma Ray tops them all... has it been available in any re-issue CD anywhere?

Mondo said...

Listening to this just now- three tracks in and loving it so far thanks.
Anychance of tracklisting at-all please? Would be much appreciated.

Also, did you ever manage to get a wee listen to my winter mix by any chance?
Much respect, mondo