Monday, December 14, 2009

new york-manchester-belgium

It's quite impossible for me not yield to the temptation of posting quite more than enough stuff related in one or more ways with the Factory label.Playgroup were a new York electro group that produced only this single produced by the infamous Latin Rascals.Well the connection to Factory records is that Euphoria got to be released on the Benelux branch of the label.Sounding like an overseas version of New Order,Euphoria just stunning.The pic is from a great site called Cerysmatic Factory which is probably the best resource on the web for info,pictures,news and memorabilia from the Factory label.

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Arthit said...

Not only New Order, this one does also sound like a moody Colourbox, a druggy YMO and a melodic Cabaret Voltaire. Top stuff.