Thursday, December 24, 2009


Well Christmas is once again upon us.One of the best times of the year(at least for me it is),where you get the chance to spend a little more time with people you love,eat some tasty real food,and get to spend some extra cash on things of your choice.The message of these time for me is love.So give everybody a break like you mean it.Smile a bit more,hug your friends even if it seems awkward and give the people you hate a chance to prove they are not that crappy after all.This is a mini mix i put down tonight since i was in that festivity mood.Wish you all the best for this Christmas.Thanks to everyone who has been a friend this year and supported in any possible way.I will be back after Christmas with some lists of what we loved in the year 2009 and the resolutions and wished for the new one to come.Happy Noel!!


plaidmusic said...

1.Telstar-In a piano bar
2.Chet Baker-Time after time
3.Frank Sinatra-In the wee small hours
4.Pierro Umiliani-Crepuscolo sul mare
5.Conie Francis-Siboney
6.The Beach Boys-The nearest faraway place
7.Marvin Gaye-What's going on-instumental
8.Lucio Battisti-Ancora tu
9.Housemartins-Caravan Of Love
10.Penguin Cafe Orchestra-Perpetuum Mobile
11.Ryuichi Sakamoto-Bolerish-Piano Version

Anonymous said...

Nice one!

Arthit said...

Been listening to this mix while exploring Edinburgh before the Hogmanay Madness. It's cold.

qas said...

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