Tuesday, September 15, 2009

your wildlife

Music is a form of art that sometimes serves a higher purpose.Think of a mysterious puppet master that's pulling the strings from somewhere far in the cosmos and the result being a human recoding something that is almost divine.I've always thought of music having divine origins.It has the power to soothe even the wildest beast living on this planet which is our humble selves.If people listened closely to the music with a pure heart the world could be a place of balance.This is a piece by Anton Chekhov which is one of the most wonderful things i have ever read and makes me think of the beauty that surrounds us when we are not to blind to see.

In Oreanda they sat on a bench not far from the church,looked down on the sea,and were silent.Yalta was barely visible through the morning mist,white clouds stood motionless on the mountaintops.The leaves of the trees did not stir,cicadas called and the monotonous,dull noise of the sea,coming from below,spoke of the peace,of the eternal sleep that awaits us.So it had sounded below,when neither Yalta nor Oreanda were there,so it sounded now and would go on sounding with the same indifference when we are no longer here.And in this constancy,in this utter indifference to the life and death of each of us,there perhaps lies hidden the pledge of our eternal salvation,the unceasing movement of life on earth,of unceasing perfection.Sitting beside the young woman,who looked so beautiful in the dawn,appeased and enchanted by the view of this magical decor-sea mountains -clouds,the open sky,Gurov reflected that ,essentially,if you thought of it,everything was beautiful in this world,everything except for what ourselves think and do when we forget the highest goals of being and our human dignity.

From ''Lady with the Dog''


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