Tuesday, September 1, 2009

my teenage heroes

This goes way back around 1993 when me and my friend Theodore ,who now is a university teacher somewhere in the U.K,discovered this band of young lads from suburban Athens called Stereo Nova.Somewhere between the soundscapes of early Mr Fingers and the euphoria of the melodic trance that was booming back in those days,Stereo Nova added some amazing lyrics sung to everyone's surprise in Greek.Rather a risky attempt by a greek band that experimented with electonic music where everyone else was into grunge brit pop.Their first two records are in my humble opinion two classic electronic music albums that remain till now historical.These two records were the soundtrack to my puberty and still remain close to my heart after so many years.I can vividly remember watching the Athenian skyline from Theodore's terrace while listening to this tune.Sounding a lot like Phil Mison's Lula(one of my favourite balearic tracks ever)altough recorded many years earlier,this magical instrumental by Greece's unsung heroes,is a magical journey in to the moist and sweaty summer nights of our teenage dreams.This is a small tribute to all the friends that are not with me anymore and to the innocence we lost somewhere along the way.

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Arthit said...

music to feel tears rolling down.