Tuesday, September 8, 2009

ride the rhythms on the midnight train to Romford

Hyde and Smith were members of Underworld
on its first incarnation as a rock band,
which went on a hiatus after 1990. In 1992,
the two grouped with Darren Emerson to record
electronic music. In the beginning stages
they decided to release their material both as Underworld
and as Lemon Interupt, in order to check public reaction
to their new artistic direction.
The new Underworld first released Eclipse/Big Mouth
double A side on Juniors Boy's Own as Lemon Interupt.
Balearic -minded,effortlessly melodic house that had Dj's
clawing past each other at the counter for copies.

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Arthit said...

deliciously sounds good on the moving train. Loved the mumbling too.