Tuesday, August 25, 2009

fool moon

Taking time out from being well busy,
I'd like to share this mix with you.
To joy!

1.Kraan - Dancing in the shades
2.Chaz Jankel - I can get over it
3.Errol Dunkley - A little way different
4.Bobby Moore - (Call me) your anything man
5.Don Downing - Dr Boogie
6.Robert Cotter - Rock me with your love
7.Tyrone Davis - Can i change my mind
8.Joshua Davis - This time
9.Giovanni Giorgio - Sooner or later
10.Herb Albert - Magic man
11.Smokey Robinson - Cruisin
12.Jill Scott - slowly surely
13.Samantha Sang - Emotion
14.Kajagoogoo - Hang on now
15.Mangus Uggla - S0mmartid

Wonder full moon mix


Arthit said...

This is it. This is what I like. I truly love an easy-going feel, loosely and fading-in/fading-out kind of mix. Definitely it shows that it's only down to the music and the way/order to carry them all along. It has nothing to do with scratching or fast-hand or seamless mix while the music is crap. I enjoy the overall balearic mood to soul, reggae and pop tracks. Although you named it as full moon but i feel more "metropolis" and early 90s Japanese jazz-funk scene. Your best mix since June "B" one!

plaidmusic said...

thanks a lot dude.I really enjoy putting these tracks together.

Sergio said...

Great to see "Sommartid" getting some attention outside of Sweden, it truly is an amazing tune.

If you need any more balearic stuff from Sweden have a dig around at Disko Akademin (blogspot), where I do some mixes myself entitled Balearic Sessions.


plaidmusic said...

I think some records are unmixable for so many reasons.If it's very fast,you could
pitch it down but then it would sound shit.too fast too slow,bad drummer,good from first to last second,or simply they don't fit.
Can't mix ,won't mix!