Friday, August 14, 2009

eivissa playlist

As i promised upon returning from my last set of holidays for this summer,the first thing i did was putting down the playlist for the Eivissa Mix.There you go.


2.Paco De Lucia-Entre dos Aquas

3.Mike Francis-City Lights


5.Jah Wobble-Bomba

6.Fireman-Transpiritual Stomp

7.Alter Ego-Soulfree


9.Propaganda-Your Wildlife-Red Zone Mix

10.Orange Lemon-Dreams of Santa Anna

11.Off-Electrical Salsa

12.Willie Colon-Set Fire To Me-Latin Jazzbo Version

13.Big World-Morning Light-Pleasure Team MIx

14.Paradise Deep Groove-I Love

15.Liaisons D-He Chilled Out


17.Jam&Spoon-Odyssey To Anyoona

18.Amnesia-It's A Dream-Interferences Mix

19.Working Week-Eldorado-Paradiso Mix

20.Style Council-Promised Land-Joe Smooth Mix

21.Raul Orellana-Guitarra-Acid Mix

22.V.R.S.-Aqua Marina

23.Yello-Blue Green


Arthit said...

Fantastic! Definitely it prompts me to pre-order the Boys Own complete fanzine book at DJHistory now.

plaidmusic said...

thanks thanks thanks! for all your kind and to the point comments.if it wasn't for you i would start to think that nobody is really paying any attention!

Arthit said...

A big thank-you back to you! I'm listening to this mix again while reading Caught By The River book. Mesmerising! Paco De Lucia is underrated isn't he?