Monday, August 17, 2009


It's a known fact by now that we rarely post new releases on this blog anymore.This blog is not supposed by any means to be a substitute for your local record shop.Moreover i have started finding quite meaningless to serve you something that has already been hyped in numerous blogs,forums,sites,fanzines or magazines.Todays post is a rare occasion though as the track involved deserves a special mention on our blog.The mysterious guy under that's hiding under the name Oni Ayhun has already put out three white labeled releases of which the third that was out on the stores last May is the penultimate.The B-side is a dreamy tech house monster that is in fact so good that can give you shivers.Highly limited and out of press for the time being,this is one of the best tracks out there so watch out for a copy.

pic: santorinis's volcano

Oni Ayhun-003 B


Arthit said...

it goes on and on without ending. At some point i feel spiritual like a minimal version of Sweetback.

Greg said...

Lovely. Thanks for posting. Quality Balaeric making my ears shine!