Tuesday, July 7, 2009


It's one of those times where i get over excited about a new project and i love being involved in spreading the word about something that is so dope.When someone like Lovefingers joins forces with restless partner Lee Douglas on a new project alongside British neo folk troubadour wonder Findlay Brown,well that calls for a front page coverage in the news section.Findlay Brown rocked the world about two years ago with his amazing Losing the Will To Survive single.As part of his new remixed EP Findlay Brown's new single Teardrops Lost In The Rain got some extra treatment the Stallions and will get an official release on This Is Music Ltd.What's more exciting though is the new collaboration between the Stallions and Mr Findlay Brown called simply ''The Stallions Suite''.This will get a proper 12'' version release alongside a new remix from another track from Findlay's new album and a jockey friendly version of the Suite to come with it.The track is a Morriccone meets Moroder spaghetti western influenced jam with lush orchestration that's galloping into an epic 11 minute spaced disco monster.It's something you should hear yourselves so grab a preview here on the Stallions home page along with more details for the forthcoming releases.Ride with the Stallions!