Saturday, July 4, 2009


Turning a useless record over and discovering a hidden gem revealed on the B side is quite a thrilling experience.This track is the B side to a record that is almost shameful to give away it's name.Let's just say it's a silly 80's Italo hit by Gary Low.The B side luckily enough is a balearic gem with some great guitar work that could have been easily produced by someone like Wally Badarou.The perfect soundtrack to summer nights.


Peter PleasureCruise said...

true B side gem! thank you.

plaid said...

always a pleasure dude!!

MondoCo said...

Long time follower plaid- please checkout my new blog and link to it if you fancy.
Quite a varied bag but sure you'll find something you enjoy.

please keep up your good work aswell
thanks, mondo

Buddy Nuggets said...

dang, great blog. best vibes on this tune.