Friday, July 3, 2009

full sail

It seems that i can't easily get over the balearic frenzy of the last month.Continuing quite in the same vein since my mood is still quite summerish (and to be honest i think it will be like that till the calendar hits october) i'm posting a track from one of my favourite artists to emerge from the Italo scene.Stefano Pulga is a guy that has been introduced before on this blog and is without a doubt a key figure in Italian Music.Indio is an album that sets adrift from Pulga's later and more commercial efforts and focuses on a more sophisticated fusion sound with many mediterranean elements.The album is a real beauty from start to finish and it was quite hard to choose a single track to post.Just sit back let this track take you somewhere between earth and sky!

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Arthit said...

Sublime. Can't trust the cover art.