Monday, May 23, 2011

half man half coyote

Here at Plaidmusic we have been fans of Coyote almost since the beginning of this blog.In my opinion Coyote is one of the few music projects that is so true to their balearic leanings and stick to the purist side of this genre that has been abused in many ways by people who think that the ''b'' word can be sticked like a 'buy it'' logo next to so many things that are utterly worthless.
Their new album came as no surprise and is once again a great excursion to the white painted walls of the Mediterranean islands.Almost everything you love about 'balearic'' is here.Echoes of the Grid,The Beloved,Jose Padilla and endless sunsets are all here.I could go further and call this an ''afternoon'' record since i think it carries a really sunny and optimistic feeling all over it.Personal favourites here are Love,Keep Breathing,Our Time and Work of Art.
If you want a modern pop record that is real and to it's purpose and can talk to your heart this is a must have.Half Man Half Coyote comes out on June 2011 only in a limited 500 heavy vinyl pressing.


Sooor said...

Thanks for the heads up.
Sounds like the perfect album for this summer.

nikos_F said...

Thanks για το νέο! Το προηγούμενο άλμπουμ τους, "Harlyn Bay", ήταν αποκάλυψη... εκπληκτικό ντουέτο οι Coyote.

Arthit said...

Have pre-ordered the LP accordingly. It should be shipped any day now. Can't wait.