Sunday, May 8, 2011

for petros

About a year ago one of my best friends passed away so suddenly.It's really hard to swallow the fact that someone that has gone is gone for good.That you won't share anything again with him.I was listening to a track yesterday and i was thinking it would be so nice if Petros was around and i could share the moment.I was talking about him with a friend last night and he told me that all he could remember from Petros was his almost continuous smile.He smiled a lot and loved life in his own special way.He had a charm that was hard to resist.He taught me so many things and i honestly owe this guy so much.It's good to share a thought for those that are gone.It's like having them here for a while.I knew Petros would love this track now as much as he did back then.Death is the most inevitable event in your life and probably the most hilarious.And whoever invented it is a sadistic humorous cunt.Anyway this one is for you pal.


Arthit said...

Our lives are indeed shaped from our memories. R.I.P.

jack_faith said...

that has serious playing, a track to love for sure. Thanks for this chris.

bluecool2013 said...

i lost one but that was just due change in circumstances..losing him forever physically pinches really hard! RIP petro :)