Wednesday, September 15, 2010

the light

So,at last here is a chance for me to write something except posting just songs and being silent.This is a quite special occasion for what i believe is an exceptional case of new music is finally getting a proper release.For me the rather overlooked and impossible to get ''The Rose'' by The Laughing Light of Plenty was a glorious piece of ''baggy'' pop,the bastard child of Ian Brown and Shaun Ryder that sounded like a left out single from the New Fads with a new production.For me it still stands out as a rare case of real music in an ocean of releases of boring and unimaginative nu house,nu balearic,nu disco nu whatever and edits of songs that should never been messed with.After listening Flow Motion on Beats In Space show with guest Kenji Takimi was convinced that these guys are not joking around.Flow Motion is again captivating from the first listen and feels so familiar like listening to all your favourite records in one go.The album is shortly arriving so i would be prepared to order this as soon as posssible.The artwork alone is a reasonbuying if you not conveived by the music to invest in the best thing to be put on was lately.Follow the link below for good soundclips and a look at the art.

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