Tuesday, September 28, 2010

dr rob:sorting out my sevens-for elliot smith

So if you thought this blog is feeling a bit dead lately well i can't really blame you.Posting tracks is not my favourite thing lately.At some point i felt that almost every thing out there is blogged or exposed in some way or another so it's really hard staying original after some point.So there comes a time when you got to stop and think,oh there is so much beautiful music out there to listen and enjoy instead of spending time trying to find what has been kept secret from the blogosphere.I mean sometimes i prefer relaxing and listening to a Mazzy Star record instead of digging amongst rare electronic records from Greek artists.This is a fine example of that kind of spirit by a really good friend of this blog and a real music aficionado,Dr Rob from Tokyo.Rob sent me this mix last year bit i never posted it because i thought it was a bit melancholic at the time.It turned out to be one my favourite mixes from Rob and a really personal as well.If i could i would prefer Rob doing the intro to his mix in the beautiful way he usually does.Anyway this is a selection of downer pop 7 inches mixed together on a half drunk night.Let your heart run free and enjoy this beautiful mix.

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Arthit said...

Probably the best selections by Dr Rob. The mix creeps inside you and stay there forever. You don't need the tracklisting, you need to listen to it. And love is a losing game, always.