Friday, May 21, 2010

decadence exotique

This is my new mix for the Non Collective site,which in my humble opinion is probably one of the best sources for quality mixes on the web.Served with love and style.Thanks to David this is another slice of demented summer time coolness.


Anonymous said...


plaidmusic said...

Sheila Chandra-One
Bebi Doll-how good not to love
roberto lodolla-marimba do mar
jimmy cliff-roots radical
belle stars-indian summer
jon vangelis-state of indepndence
amazulu-sayz who
johnny thunders-crawfish
sandii-sticky music
fax-girls and cars
ledernacken0ich dich essen
bits pieces-dont stop the music
jorge ben-energia bombom
b side-bones
cabaret voltaire-here to go
malcolm mclaren-first couple out
stu stevens-cowboy in paris
mylene farmer-On Est Tous Des Imb├ęciles
coco m-walk on the wild side
dj look-capita
daniele losi-tom tom beat
don pablo's animals-broken hearts

Arthit said...

Many ideas sprung to mind: Sperry Topsider; long lunch on the beach restaurant somewhere in Cote d'azur; a glass of rose; sun bleached salsa records; lost gems from the 80s; out-of-prints 90s magazines; homemade tapes; awaiting flights at an outdoor airport. Another open-minded mixes of yours, and perhaps the best one.

Ctelblog said...

So, so cool. Posted link here:

jack_faith said...

indeed, many thanks chris. yet another fine mix.