Sunday, May 2, 2010

balearic hardcore

I think that after some point this whole talk about what's balearic and not and the use of the word to describe things that are in the most kindest manner ''rubbish'' has to end.For me the word always meant quality music that can take you on an imaginary trip to the core of the beauty that lies in life in it's self.Life away from the stress and the grayness of the city.A call from mother nature to get back to the basics,the things that can make you happy in the most simple way,like the embrace of the sea and the caress of the sun on your skin.The light reflected on white houses under the midday sun and red flowers hanging from open windows.The smiles of the wrinkled faces of old islanders,the smell of iodium in the summer breeze as it hits your face you when the day starts to fade.
The morning light coming trough a half open window.The song of seabirds on a clear day.The endless humming of the sea as it hits the shore like two eternal lover's bodies colliding in a fanfare of genesis.For me this is what balearic means and a thousand things more that can't be listed in a blog post.I guess this piece of music can do the talking way better than my limited vocabulary.

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