Tuesday, April 27, 2010

U can't escape the hypeness MIX

This is a quick mix i did yesterday .Enjoy :)

1.Smoke City -with you
2.Ian O'Brian - Midday sun
3.The Aloof - The beach
4.Chaser - Blue planet (Fila Brazillia mix)... See More
5.Prefab Sprout - If you don't love me (F.S.O.L mix)
6.Chris Coco ft Peter Green - Albatross (King Britt mix)
7.Moonbase - Walking in the rain (instr. dub)
8.Solar Stone - Seven Cities (ambient dub)
9.Mudd & Smith - The start
10.Elisa Waut - Four times more
11.C. Hayes - Evening sun
12.Marvin Gaye - You are the way you are (inst.)
13.BLVD POSSE - U can't escape the hypeness vocal

u can't escape the hypeness mix


Arthit said...

Good hearing the Blvd Mosse track after first encountered it on Stuart Patterson Deviant's Social Classics CD years ago. I almost forgot about this song.

Arthit said...

Just digging out the Smoke City CD (thanks) and so ready for Friday. Sublime.

Sooor said...

really enjoyed this one.
always looking forward to hear more mixes by you, vags ;)