Friday, April 23, 2010

ela pou eisai?

When is your next gig mate?Wish i could come.Im gonna miss you.This one is for a friend who is not around anymore.Petros was one of those people that could capture your heart without trying too much.Easy to love.A true digger that found in music a real passion.A man who dressed in style and loved life.Goodbye my friend.This is the way i want to remember you.


marilen said...

de tha ksexaso pote to poso mou arese na ton akouo na gelaei.. auto to dinato tou gelio me ekane panta na xamogelao..



plaidmusic said...

Δεν υπάρχουν λέξεις για να περιγράψουν τη θλίψη που ζω
τις τελευταίες ήμερες. Ο χαμός του Πέτρου με συγκλονίσε αφάνταστα
έφυγε τοσο σύντομα.. τοσο ξαφνικά..
Δεν θα ξεχάσω ποτε… τις τοσο όμορφες στιγμές.. που χόρεψα.. μέθυσα
γέλασα και έζησα μαζί σου..
Έμαθα τόσα πράγματα από εσένα
Θα σαι πάντα στην καρδία μου


the saucer people said...

Such a heart breakingly bewitching track and I know if someone dedicated a track to me of such quality, I know I would have been very loved indeed.

I thought Richard Schneider had only released the Fata Morgana album (one of the best albums ever made) so thank you so much for turning me onto Dreamlike Land which the god-like Basso posted on The Growing Bin (two years after everyone else I discover it!) and my gods, its as good as Fata Morgana which I never thought possible, the guy was touched by the hand of god sonically speaking.

Weirdly though, there is zero information on Schneider on the net, two albums and a single between 1977 & 1980 and thats it! Given the quality of the two albums and the stature of the musicians he was working with such as Jacki Liebezeit it is bizarre how he seems to have just disappeared down the memory hole....anyone know anything about him?