Thursday, October 15, 2009

Where Have All The Good Sperms Gone?

Ubangi were a Scandinavian band back in 83'.
The first L.P was recorded at Music Mill, Kumla, Närke, Sweden.
and mixed at BASTUN, Stockholm for Sound Of Scandinavia.
The lead singer was Cia Berg.

Cia was VJ in a music video show called "Bagen" for the public
Swedish television company "SVT" in the 1980s.

1983-84 she was singing in the group Ubangi.
Ten years after was the singer of Whale (Alternative Rock band in 90's)

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Arthit said...

Unknown pleasures. Sounds very much like an obscure Crespuscule release. I guess you can never go wrong with the song titled "Heartbeat". Except that cheesy Yorkshire ITV soap...