Friday, October 16, 2009

a daydream symphony

This is a new chilled mix i put together.Made to keep you good company during the small hours till the sun comes and reigns over.Hope you enjoy it.


plaidmusic said...

1.Kraftwerk-Radio Stars
2.KLF-Madrugada Eterna
3.The Durutti Column-Tomorrow
4.Seigen Ono-If you only knew
5.Brian Eno&Harold Budd-First Light
6.The Cranes-Cloudless
7.The Cure-All cats are grey
8.Cocteau Twins-Lazy Calm
9.Solar Quest-Sing Tree
10.The Stanglers-La Folie
11.Mike Monday-When the rain falls
12.Slowdive-In Mind- 147 take
14.Countach-My Oasis
15.Orb-Little Fluffy Clouds-Danny Tenaglia Downtempo Mix
16.Love Corporation-Palatial-Danny Rampling Mix
17.SFS-Sheffield Song
18.The Triffids-Wide Open Road
19.The Church-To be in your eyes
20.Felt-A preacher in New England
21.Love And Rockets-Saudade
21.Vangelis-Intergalactic Radio Station

Arthit said...

Another 2-hour brilliance. The flow from Love Corporation thru SFS and Triffids is a tip top achievement. I remember putting "Wide Open Road" as a "hidden track" at the end of a mixtape. See, when you put songs on a cassette there is always a leftover reel on each side that you need to fill up. "Wide Open Road" was there. The tape cuts off before it properly ends. Give them a wide open road indeed.