Wednesday, December 17, 2008

disco massage

Quite some years ago Athens was a place that had a night life that was flourishing with innovation.If you try hard you can recollect every single indie act with a handful of singles and an album giving concerts in Athens and the clubs were hosting a top international name at least one time per week.If you look closely to what's happening now you'll will easily come to the result that almost none of the rock acts that feature in the years top list of all music magazines don't include Greece into their tours.I'm not gonna try and explain the reasons that concerts are crap in Greece and concern only people who like dinosaurs.What i'm trying to say is at least one person who organises concerts should know that The Fleet Foxes is a band that people in Greece should have the chance to hear.And this is just an example of what i'm talking about.What the indie scene is failing to achieve here in Greece though,is been championed right now by what seems to be a renaissance of a club revival.The reason of the demise of club culture in Athens was that house music became a ground for social exhibisionism of rich Athenians that needed something else to do on the days they were not visiting their usual ''dog'' music shrines.A type of music that was intended for smoky clubs with people on acid was transfered on luxurious club restaurants with everyone sniffing coke in the back toilets.Lately thought things are starting to move in new more promising direction though.What the indie scene has failed to do and what the indie electro bastard idiom is failing to do as well,is now easily done by what many rushed to baptize the new disco scene.Whether a fashion thing or not(although im sure it is one) it's proving to be the saviour of the half dead Athenian nightlife.Many people jump on the bandwagon get a part of the pie,but the result at everyone's listening pleasure is that Athens is being visited by acts which are top names in their genre and fill the pages of music blogs and magazines around the world.Its better having the cream of the crop of a genre that is aimed to eclectism that to have the last contender of the local school band competition.Leaving aside my personal empathy, tastes or socializing issues im willing(and honestly i think everyone should) to embrace this effort no matter how some people want to call this.Honestly i think that it's been years that something so good has happened in Athens nights.It's all about music thought and things should stick to having fun with that.Having visited some parties like London's Horse Meat Dsico i realised that the people who are visiting disco parties outside Greece are not dressed like gong to Rio De Janeiro carnival and have normal jobs like lorry drivers,or plumbers and are not part of an arty farty part of the population who has a lot time to spare.Anyway enough with the nagging.Once i start i can't stop sometimes.This article is supposed to be an optimistic one so im gonna talk about the reason that i first started writing it.The reason was the first Encore party by the people formerly know as the Amateur Boyz.This Friday Athens will have the opportunity to listen to some of the finest Dj's and producers that are out there at the moment.Personally im really happy to listen for the first time the half of my favourite Dj duo Rub And Tug.Although Thomas is my man i think Eric will do the job nicely nasty.More than that that you get Moxie Paul the man responsible for some of the best re edits your ears have the pleasure of hearing,and co owner of the best record shop Athens has seen the last few years(and the reason that i think people will start buing records again).A special post about Paul is coming on thsio blog soon.As a bonus you get a live performance from DFA act Yacht.Im not a big expert on Yacht so i'll let others do the talking about them and concentrate on Rub and Tug.These guys are into so many things it's hard to keep up with everything.Responsible for the amazing Campfire mix and remixing everything from Zero 7, to Coldplay Lcd Soundsystem and Beastie Boys to Minimal Compact.they have build a reputation as one of the most eclectic duos to have emerged out of the Us.Tracks produced by them like WIld Rumpus ''Musical Blaze Up'' caused a big stir in the among music enthusiats.The best thing is that at the moment they are two of the most productive people around.Thomas is the one half of The Laughing Light Of Plenty responsible for this years top tune in everybody's list ''The Rose''.This anthemic Stone Roses sounding tune(featured on our blo ages ago before its' official release) became the most loved tune for people like Lovefingers,Tim Sweeny and many other DJs around the world.Thomas is also part of the supergroup ''Food Of The Gods'' featuring other memebrs like Harvey,And with first release on Whatever We Want Records that's gonna cause quite a mayhem.Eric on the other hand going under the name Still Going produced another anthemic track of the year the simply titled ''Still Going Theme" that was featured on everyone' playlists.With remixes for bands like the Presets and Low Motion disco Still Going produced some of the best tunes around.Their last but not trivial achievement are the almost cult rare re edits under the name C.O.M.B.I..Although not directly credited to them these Japan cut re edits are the cheesy disco slimeness transformed into dancefloor mayhem by C.O.M.B.I. or otherwise Rub And Tug.So i'll close this HUGE article with a treat from C.O.M.B.I called ''You Got Love Song" and believe me it blew my head the first time i listened it on headphones at Phonica last year.Bomb Music!

C.o.m.b.i - you got love song