Monday, December 29, 2008

bar italia

I know we have been quite lazy lately mainly because that holiday spirit has slowed us down a bit.Anyway,i guess these days most people have more fun things to do than scroll around blogs.So this is the first post for 2009.Sounds impressive.I have got to get used to that 9..This is a track that's been getting a lot of plays on i my i tunes lately and i was thinking of posting for quite sometime now.This slimy edit comes courtesy of from Kommand Tropical Disco and it is a Balearic cut of Italian melodramatic pop that comes from an artist that should feature in my dad's blog and not mine.So this is Italian stallion Lucio Dalla with ''Washigton'', getting specially treated by Kommand Tropical Disco,who have produced some really solid edits lately.Check their myspace page for more tracks and info.Kommand Tropical Disco Myspace.More Balearic kitsch for sophisticated people.

Lucio Dalla - Washington - Kommand Tropical disco edit


Anonymous said...

Great work. Kommand it's a guy to watch.

Yours very truly,

peterjandy85 said...

amazing edit but it's not complete....i need the full track....please re-post...