Monday, March 14, 2011

a japanese dream

It has been sometime now that i had been meaning to make a Japanese only mix.After the recent disaster that hit the country i thought to share this with you and use it an excuse ti share a thought for the victims and the ones that are left behind.I dedicate this mix to an anonymous girl i saw today on tv sobbing over a jacket that was the only thing left from her husband who got lost in the massive wave.Her loss brought me to tear.It was almost unbearable to think all the people that lost someone in this earthquake.All the people that lost their lives in this huge tidal wave.i just wanted in my way to pay homage to this wonderful country and it's people.I always admired them so much and now even more after seeing how they are dealing with this tragic event that brought so much destruction and death to their land.My deepest sympathy goes to Japan and all the people i know there especially Dr Rob.I just wish times heals the wounds and Japan will stand on it's feet again.


Arthit said...

Words fail me. For the country that is so unique in all aspects (culture, music, language, ways of life, arts, creativity, style, fashion, martial arts, food, cinema, history etc), the tragic news is tearing me apart.

I was playing this mix to The Wife, who speaks fluent Japanese, and she found it melancholic. After i told her that it's a tribute mix, she cried.

shinya said...

Thank you Chris.I will bring this beautiful mix to my friend who is living in Sendai city where is one of massive disaster site..

JIRO said...

Thanks for this, it's great, any chance of a tracklist?

I also made a Japanese only mix recently for Opening Ceremony who choose not to use it in the end because of what had happened in Japan. I told them it should be a celebration of how awesome Japan is but they said no, strange.

plaidmusic said...

Thanks man.
i love your blog and loved that mix as well.
this is the tracklisting.

pierre barouh-le pollen
ysuaki shimizu-tachikawa
hajime tachibana-theme from nihon no sugar
ryuichi sakamoto-rain song
inoyama land-shuffer
mashide sakuma-dim
seigen ono-manhattan
toshifumi hinata-premonition
ryuichi sakamoto-amore
gontiti-noon flight
seine ono-if you only knew
ufo-my foolish dream

Anonymous said...

kinda oddly similar to this one...