Sunday, February 13, 2011

get it up for love part 2

We had posted this track last summer but i thought it definitely deserved a repost.Through our blog we are going to be sharing some great tracks in the next few months and make it again a place to find great music.I know we had neglected it for quite a while but i will try to make it fresh and interesting again.I'm gonna be changing the layout of the page a bit and maybe a few new features.So for now this is the best track you can use to make a Dj Harvey impersonation when you are djing in front of your friends or your mirror.


henri said...

yes! back in action!

Arthit said...

Original post 5 August 2009. Welcome back.

plaidmusic said...

Hey mr Arthit!!You are the life of this blog!


Henri same for you!
nice to be back!

Sooor said...

Lovely version of that song.

While I'm here I'd liek to leave two requests:

First: Can you make your "Rainy season" mix downloadable again?
It has already reached the download limit on your soundcloud account (congrats to that btw).

Second question: Can you send me a tracklist for the "Secret History" mix that you did for

No need to hurry though ;)


plaidmusic said...

I uploaded the mix on z share on the comments of the mix.
tracklisting for secret history on the way.