Thursday, November 25, 2010

brat pack

This is almost a dream coming true!My good friend David from Non Collective dropped this idea of a London based party sometime ago that would feature friends that have contributed to his wonderful site with mixes.A small core has formed over the past two years of real music lovers that share the same passion.Some of us ended up being good friends.So for the first time we managed to make this real and we are inviting you to our first ever party on the 10th of December at the ''Junction Room'' in Dalston.Hope to see some of you there dancing in a friendly and real atmosphere that almost feels like family.


Arthit said...

It's a free entry as well so no excuse Londoners!

Arthit said...

How was the party? Happy Holidays!

jack_faith said...

party was great, the power cut and difficulties getting in aside. Boogie central, so many top tracks. Glad I got pre-baked and had some dalmore for the dancefloor. Looking forward to the next one in feb.