Friday, July 16, 2010

jansen jardin

This is due to hit the shops really soon so don't sleep on this one.Max Essa on the production with Yuki Suzuki on vocals delivers this euphoric ''spaghetti'' piano house track that makes you go way back to that early 90's ambient house mood.On the b side Lee Douglas takes on the remix controls for a more uptempo take on the original.Released on the Tokyo based Jansen Jardin label.


Arthit said...


"Max Essa relocated to Tokyo some years ago and established the Jansen Jardin label to showcase some of Japan's most interesting new underground artists.

Having already achieved cult status in their native Tokyo, the Jansen Jardin label’s fourth release (and the first available outside of Japan) is this stunning track from the wonderful Yuki Suzuki. Written and produced for Yuki by Essa "Need Your Love" harks back to a golden era in house music. Yuki’s gorgeous, yearning voice brings to mind the sort of 5am dancefloor epiphanies that in these homogenised times can seem like an all too distant memory. Typically funky guitar work from Max along with beautiful string parts and lush pads combine to make this a truly great record.
The remix comes courtesy of New York disco genius, Lee Douglas (Rong, TBD, Stallions). We think this is one of his finest productions to date. Lee takes the emotional charge of the original and turns it into an incredible feel good summer anthem. Somewhere between the classic early 90s productions of people like Don Carlos and Frankie Knuckles and a more contemporary dubbed-out Balearic vibe, Lee has pulled out all the stops and made what will surely be a major part of the soundtrack to the summer."

Arthit said...

It's out now peep! As Chris said, don't sleep on this.

Arthit said...

After some few hiccups (the vinyl has been smashed to pieces during transit), a new copy has turned up today.

Big up to lovely peep at Piccadilly Records who sorts this matter out swiftly and professionally. (hope you don't mind some props here!)