Thursday, April 8, 2010

a journal of curiosities

A little shameless self promotion never hurt anyone so i thought to gave my new blog some introduction here.This is not a music blog though.See it more as a an everyday review of things i like or recommend.Ways to make life more stylish and beautiful.So give it a go and put this in your bookmarks.

I thought to share a track to go along with this so here you go.


el jeffe said...

nice and simple chris.. me likes.
it reminds me of a TUMBLR blog or even the "WAYS OF SEEING" book by john berger..

Arthit said...

i did kinda discovered this piece of beauty hidden on one of many "love song" compilations i bought for my girl. By the way did you pick up "The Gentlewoman" magazine? It's full of great photos like the one featured on a journal of curiosities blog.

Arthit said...

Very much addicted to your new curiosities blog!

Arthit said...

Any luck of activating the comment option over Journal Of Curiosities blog?